Weeding & Events



We are well geared for weddings and special occasions ensuring that the days transport runs smoothly and in a punctual manner.

Reservations are made on a ‘one function a day per car’ basis for each car so you enjoy full attention without the vehicle having to rush to another function. Our extensive fleet ensures that there is always a backup in case of an unlikely emergency.

As there are many important ceremony and functions in our country and therefore to organize such events vehicle is needed. A bunch of people are always there to travel some distance and organize the program. So to do that we are always there to serve the client with the kind of service that we can provide.

For the marriage ceremony we provide with the best and luxurious car that are avilable and as per the requirement and payment of the party. Buses are also avilable for the marriage ceremony if needed.

For other kinds of events such as picnic, we provide with the appropriate vehicle for the number of passengers that are allocated.